Katiebeth Simplicity



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions I get from clients about my process and service.

How far are you willing to travel?

While I reside in Northern Wisconsin on the South Shore of Lake Superior, I am willing to travel to meet you where you are at. Just ask!

Do you do housecleaning?

I provide aesthetic placement of items, but not cleaning. Once our work is complete, I can recommend housecleaners in your area.

Will you have me discard things I wish to keep?

If you find something to be useful or beautiful in your life, we will find a home to place it. I will gently remind you though, that you are more than your belongings! We will find your sweet spot of excess VS enough.

I have kids and a spouse who don't care about organizing as much as I do. What can I do?

I hear you loud and clear! As a wife and mom of four children (not all of whom share my exact vision of organization), rather than impose "my rules" of organizing, I do my best to model organized living and the calming benefits they provide. I recognize that it is more graceful to live with intention rather than perfection.

Is your own home showroom perfect?

No! I aspire to have aesthetically pleasing spaces--each object has a "home" to live in. Our house has a real, lived-in feel with things that matter the most to us, and not a highly-curated collection.

Who are you inspired/influenced by in your organizing?

My Grandma Beery, Joshua Becker, Rose Lounsbury, Rachelle Crawford, Courtney Carver, Erica Layne, Jennifer Burger, Marie Kondo, and the words of Jesus: “Keep free from the longing to have more, for life is not measured by how much you own.” -Luke 12:15.

My home is SO disorganized! Will you judge me?

Sweetheart, I have been there, with an overstuffed wardrobe, bins and bins of stuff, overwhelmed by toys... I am compassionate and respectful in my approach to each person and their situation.

But you haven't seen my space, it's embarrassing...

We will work through this together. P.S. I love a challenge and I love you!

Will I need to buy storage containers/color-coded bins?

In my experience, purchasing additional storage is unnecessary. We should be able to utilize the space & materials you currently have.